When It Hits the Fan: A Handbook to Surviving Anything by Larry Mullins


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When It Hits the Fan: A Handbook to Surviving Anything

by Larry Mullins

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Every disaster is like lightning, you never know when or where it will strike next, but there are signs it may be close.

Keep your family safe in any catastrophe with this comprehensive guide to emergency survival. Established author Larry Mullins has spent sixty years in law enforcement teaching survival classes. Now he shares his personal knowledge and expertise with you.

Prepare yourself to

  • Survive when the power grid crashes
  • Decide when to stay at home and when to bug out
  • Identify edible plants and other food sources
  • Make your own tools, shelter, and fire
  • Protect yourself from predators

Whether you’re facing natural disaster or civil unrest, when you’re prepared, you have nothing to fear. Practical, thorough, and applicable—this is one handbook you can’t do without.


About the Authors:

Larry Mullins grew up on a ranch and served in the US Army. Those skills served him well when after graduation from Brigham Young University, he directed the BYU survival program for several years. He has taught security skills at LDS Church Headquarters and developed the bodyguard program designed to protect the President of the Church, eventually leading teams that protected Presidents Harold B. Lee and Spencer W. Kimball. After that assignment, he has served in various other forms of law enforcement.


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