Powerful Perennials: Enduring Flower Gardens that Thrive in Any Climate by Nedra Secrist


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Powerful Perennials: Enduring Flower Gardens that Thrive in Any Climate

by Nedra Secrist

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Pack your garden plot with colorful native blooms that will come back year after year!


Beautiful, easy to care for, and extra easy on your wallet—perennials are a thrifty gardener’s best friend. Learn how to make the most of them with this complete guide to gardening with perennials.


Discover all these gorgeous flowers, grasses, and greens, with names you won’t be able to resist.


  • Turkish Iris, Iris spuria
  • Candytuft, Iberis
  • Evening Primrose, Oenothera
  • Painted Daisy, Tanacetum
  • Sweet Rocket, Hesperis
  • Bee Balm, Monarda
  • Hollyhock, Alcea


For each one you’ll see complete information about how well it tolerates droughts, cold seasons, wildlife, and native soils, so you can pick the plants that will serve you best. Whether you’re looking for something fragrant, a bloom to attract butterflies, or a splash of bright color to light up your yard, there’s a powerful perennial in this book that’s perfect for your garden!


About the Author:

NEDRA SECRIST is a retired schoolteacher who teaches gardening seminars at libraries, churches, garden clubs, and civic groups. She has been growing perennials for over fifty years. She and her husband own Secrist Gardens, a home-based peren- nial nursery with locations in Brigham City, Utah, and St. Charles, Idaho. She uses “green” gardening methods and hands-on training courses to help gardeners succeed.


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