Caught Prepared: 25 Simple Steps to Protect Your Family in an Emergency by Sam Spencer


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Caught Prepared: 25 Simple Steps to Protect Your Family in an Emergency

by Sam Spencer

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Prepare today!

Be caught prepared tomorrow!

This beginner’s guide to emergency preparedness makes it easy to keep your family safe and prepared. By breaking the process down into twenty-five simple steps, you’ll discover how a little prep work now will make a world of difference when you need it.

For each simple step, you’ll find

• a checklist of items to consider, which will tell you exactly what to store and why

• “do it now” instructions to help you get started right away Plus you’ll learn how to

• make your own 72-hour kit

• use alternate cooking options, depending on what you have available

• set up a family communication plan

• find information from the experts at FEMA and CDC

Whether your pantry is already well stocked or you’re just starting to store your emergency stash, this book will teach you exactly what to do. And when disaster strikes, you and your loved ones will be caught prepared!


About the Authors:

Sam Spencer has been actively involved in personal preparedness for over forty years. He has studied many disasters, both natural and man-made. His research has helped him develop and improve numerous ideas for survival preparedness. Sam’s streamlined and simplified disaster and survival techniques are organized for reliable results.

Year after year, he produces a backyard garden that provides a year’s worth of food for him and his wife. These practical backyard gardening techniques have developed from a lifetime of preparedness thinking. Much of his garden produce is shared with others as he encourages them to develop their own personal preparedness programs. He encourages others to garden even a little to learn now and be ahead of the learning curve if the need to live on their own garden arises.

He has taught various preparedness classes and tutored many individuals as they developed practical personal preparedness programs. Now in book form, Sam’s experiences and ideas can be shared with all who wish to become better prepared. Additional titles he has written include Food Storage Made Easy: A Practical Approach; Drying Fruits and Vegetables Made Easy: An Instructional Handbook; and Survival of the Fittest, Survival Preparedness Tips Volume II: Cooking in an Emergency.

Sam has said, “Preparation eliminates fear. It will give you confidence in crisis. You don’t have to spend much money to be caught prepared!”

Sam and his wife, Patrice, live in Utah and are the parents of six children and the grandparents of nine.


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